Do You Trust Your Garage Door Company?

Buying a new garage door is a big deal.

So is choosing the right company to work with.

Choosing a new garage door is something you do just a few times over your life.

That means two things:

  • You probably don’t know a whole lot about it.
  • You need an expert to help you.

A big investment like a this calls for more than just opening the phone book and choosing the first garage door company you see  –  or calling the first vendor that shows up in a Google search.

What to look for

There are certain qualities you should look for when choosing a company to handle such an important undertaking.


You wouldn’t buy a car from someone you don’t trust. And you’ll probably buy more cars in your lifetime than you will garage doors! But cost isn’t the only factor to consider.

You need to know that you can trust a company to keep their word, respect your home, and place a priority on safety.

Here are a couple indicators that a company is trustworthy:

  • They do background checks on their employees. This shows that they care about their customers enough to keep them safe.
  • They’re transparent about each part of the process, from start to finish and beyond.


When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist because he’s an expert on teeth. The garage door company you choose should be proven experts in their field. How do you know?

  • They’ll be happy to share references from satisfied customers. It’s also a good idea to check their ratings and reviews online.
  • Their reputation will precede them. There are certain situations in which it can pay off to listen to word of mouth recommendations. A company builds a good reputation by providing excellent service to their clientele, from the planning stages right on through to service after the installation. 
  • A company with stability is one that has been doing business in the same area for a long time and has every indication that they’ll continue doing business in the area for a long time to come.

There’s a flipside that’s important to pay attention to, as well.

Red flags

Unfortunately, there are some companies out there who are less than reputable and are solely out to make a quick buck.

Here’s what to watch out for:

Companies that don’t have the proper credentials.

A company that’s not properly credentialed isn’t accountable to anyone that’s making sure they’re following industry standards.

Companies that aren’t insured.

If a company isn’t insured and an accident happens or your property is damaged, you could be stuck with a large financial burden.

Companies that seem shoddy.

Don’t go with a company that seems like they don’t have it all together. Chances are, they don’t!

Sometimes you get a bad feeling and in those times it’s best to go with your gut rather than be sorry later. Unfortunately, scammers are out there.

They’ll tell you that you need unnecessary repairs or expensive replacements in order to make a big profit.  

Companies that don’t offer warranties.

Don’t work with a company who won’t guarantee their work. If an issue comes up the company is under no obligation to remedy the situation if you don’t have any proof of a guarantee. Get it in writing!

Trust  –  the deciding factor

Being in the market for a new garage door isn’t the time to play fast and loose with good judgment.

Keep checking out companies until you find one that meets your high standards and will walk you through the process of choosing a new door, from selecting the materials to making future repairs.
What qualities do you think makes a company trustworthy and deserving of your business?

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