Curb appeal isn’t that easy to define.

It’s more of a feeling you get when you see a home that’s well-kept, has some serious charm and obviously belongs to owners who have a keen eye for detail.

When you’re putting your house on the market, make sure it gives off that aesthetically pleasing vibe.

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While there’s no magic formula, there are some tips and tricks that can boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

Bring on the power washer

It’s simple but makes a big impact.

Houses are constantly exposed to the elements. Snow, rain, humidity and heat can take a toll on the exterior.

Giving the siding a thorough washing will brighten up the look of the house as a whole.

It’s worth noting that wood siding can be damaged more easily, so be sure to follow the specific instructions if that’s what you have.

Show the landscaping some love

In terms of attractiveness, landscaping is huge.

You can make a quick difference by adding some potted trees to spots that look a little bare.

Colorful groupings will make a big visual impact, especially when they’re framing the entrance.

Don’t neglect the state of your grass, either. Potential buyers won’t be impressed by a patchy, weed-filled lawn.

Keep the yard mowed and trees and plantings trimmed to demonstrate that your property is well-maintained.

How’s your garage door?

A garage door that is in disrepair can kill the curb appeal of your home.

Here are some sure signs that your garage door needs work or may even need to be replaced:

  • It’s sagging or uneven.
  • It’s dented or damaged.
  • It has stopped lifting manually.
  • It’s noisy.

Problems can range anywhere from cosmetic issues to more serious safety hazards. It’s always best to have your garage door checked out by a professional.

You may decide that a new door is in order purely for aesthetic reasons.

Whether the decision to purchase a new garage door is for looks or out of necessity, you’ll have plenty of options.

Be sure to choose a door that complements the architecture of your home and makes a favorable visual impression.

Look up

Many people forget about the roof when they’re assessing the exterior of their home.

Be on the lookout for missing shingles, unsightly streaks or dingy areas. Just because these issues escaped your notice doesn’t mean they won’t stick out to your prospective buyers.

It may simply be time for a good washing or it could be beneficial to replace the entire roof.

A welcoming entryway

You may not think that your front door makes that much difference in the overall look of your home’s exterior.

Just the opposite is true and small changes can go a long way.

Things like a fresh coat of paint on the front door and a new light fixture make a big statement.

Add a charming little welcome mat and you’ll have an attractive and appealing entryway that anyone would envy.  

Pay attention to the pavement

Unsightly cracks and crumbly areas can make your driveway or other paved areas look less than stellar.

Repair damage and get rid of any weeds or other vegetation that may be growing where it shouldn’t be.

If you’re looking to make a bigger splash, consider staining your concrete or installing flagstone, either of which can be visually stunning.

The bottom line

Most people don’t decide to sell their home one day and then stick a sign in the yard the next.

Use this list as a guideline for improvements on your home’s exterior that can make a big difference to potential buyers.

Remember, curb appeal isn’t just one aspect but rather an all-encompassing feeling that someone gets when they look at your house.

Is there a particular area of your home’s exterior that you’d like to change in order to boost curb appeal?