Linear Garage Door Opener Review

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Linear Garage Door Opener Review

In this post, I will review 2 of Linear’s most popular garage door openers. There are more openers in the Linear line, but these are our two most popular units. Our company started selling more Linear openers over time because they are so reliable. The least profitable thing any service company can do is run continuous warranty calls. Garage door manufacturers sell their products to local dealers, and the local dealers are responsible for doing warranty repairs with no payment from the manufacturer. That’s why it is of great importance that we not only sell openers that are a great value, but are also super reliable.

Linear LDCO800

The Linear LDCO800 is the quietest garage door opener that we sell. It is the opener that I have installed in my own garage. The 800 is a DC powered garage door motor with 800 Newtons. This makes this opener equal to a ¾ hp AC unit. It comes with a sturdy one piece rail system that can be installed on doors from 8’ to 10’. Linear openers are also super versatile and the 800 comes in both chain and belt configurations. The majority of the 800s that we sell are belt drive because the belt combined with the DC motor is such a quiet operator.

The downside: The only downside to the model 800 is that it is not wifi compatible and does not include an app to open and close your garage door.

Linear Garage Door Opener Review

Linear LDO50

Linear has two separate LDO versions. The LDO50 and the LDO33. I did not include the LDO33 on this page because I do not offer the product. It makes little sense to me to buy a ⅓ hp garage door opener when you can pay $5-10 more and get a much more powerful ½ hp unit. The LDO is very reliable opener that works well on detached garages and for those on a very tight budget. We typically only install the LDO with a chain operator. If you are looking for a belt opener I would recommend installing an LDCO800.

The downside: There are two downsides to installing an LDO. The 1st is that these openers are noisey. I had an LDO50 chain on my garage door before I swapped it out for an LDCO800 belt. It really showed how much noise the LDO makes by comparison. The other downside to the model LDO is that it is not wifi compatible and does not include an app to open and close your garage door.

Linear Door Opener

Linear Prices

Linear garage door openers are a great value. You can typically get an LDO50 professionally installed for under $300. The LDCO800 will typically sell for $350- $400 installed. This all depends on the area that you are located.

Linear Remotes and Accessories

This is one great thing about Linear garage door openers. Every Linear remote ever made can be programmed to these 2 openers. Liftmaster makes a great garage door opener as well, but they have so many remotes and frequencies that finding the right remote when you need an extra is sometimes a hassle. You can see our Linear Accessories in our store. We also have Linear accessory manuals here.

Maintenance and TroubleShooting

The great thing about Linear openers is their simplicity and reliability. The things that typically break down on garage door motors is the gear assembly and the logic board. While we have replaced hundreds of gear assemblies on Chamberlain, Genie and Liftmaster motors we have never replaced a gear on a Linear.

When it comes to logic boards Linear has also created a way to cut down on these repairs. Unlike some other manufacturers Linear has made their travel trolley system from a non-conductive material. This, along with a surge protector and you should have few issues with your Linear system.

For those looking for a manual or a troubleshooting guide, you can find our collection of Linear manuals here.


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