Liftmaster 8550 Review

Liftmaster 8550 Review

For those that only want the best, I would highly recommend the Liftmaster 8550w. Since 2001, my companies have installed Liftmaster garage door openers, but the new series of Liftmaster are more innovative than any garage door products ever produced. Below, I will go over the 8550 a bit more in depth. If I miss anything that you think is important feel free to leave a comment below. The 8550 has so many options and features that it would take a tremendous amount of time to cover it all.

Key Opener Features

In my opinion, the Liftmaster 8550w Elite Series is the best residential trolley opener on the market. This opener features the Liftmaster MyQ technology that allows you to download an app that will monitor and control your garage door using your smartphone. As found in all Liftmaster models, the 8550 features a solid one piece rail system. This provides you with an opener that is far easier to install than any cheesy opener that you may find in your local home store that has a pieced together rail system. What also makes this opener such a hit with our customers is it’s super quiet DC powered motor and belt rail system. The DC powered motor is comparable to a 3/4 horsepower AC motor and it even has a battery back up, so that your door will operate when your power is out. We have changed out quite a few chain and screw drive openers with the 8550 and our clients are surprised at just how quiet these openers operate.

Liftmaster 8550 Price

If you are looking for an entry level opener at the a super low price then the 8550 is not the right opener. It cost a few dollars more than a low tier product because you are buying the best. The 8550 sells for around $280 when not on special for a 7 foot tall door. If you are shopping at a home store for an opener just keep in mind that this opener is far and away better due to the rail system. The openers in home stores were designed to be fit in a small box. They were not designed for easy installation and the longest life span possible.

8550 Remotes and Accessories

The 8550 comes with a Liftmaster 893LM remote. The 893LM comes with 3 buttons that are capable of opening multiple doors. Liftmaster remotes are also compatible with Homelink systems, so you can use your new remote to program your car’s built in transmitter. The 8550 also includes the 890LM Smart Control Panel System. The 890LM will allow you to program your opener with your feet on the ground as well as run diagnostics on your opener right from the wall station.

Maintenance and TroubleShooting

The 8550 is also equipped with the innovative Liftmaster’s maintenance alert system. This will allow you to get long life and great performance from your new opener. If you would like to dig a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of the 8550w you can view the installation and troubleshooting manual here.

The 8550 Warranty

Liftmaster is the industry leader in garage doors. They have a great support staff and they do a great job of taking care of customers after the sale. Some garage door manufacturers don’t even have support lines. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

The 8550 has a lifetime warranty on the electric motor. This may seem comforting to some, but we rarely see motors go bad in openers. What we typically see in Liftmaster openers that break down are their gear assemblies, travel trollies and logic boards. For quite some times we offered other Liftmaster openers on our site. We have trimmed the herd a bit because the cost was comparable yet the other openers only carried a 1 year parts warranty. The 8550 has a 5 year parts warranty that is pretty respectable.

My Rating

If there is a 5 star garage door opener on the market it’s the 8550. It’s quiet, reliable and has lots of cool options. My recommendation when buying the 8550 is to always make sure that your garage door is properly maintained. A spring system that is unbalanced puts a lot of undue stress on your opener and this is often the cause of failing gear assemblies. I would also recommend using a surge protector. This will protect against power surges that could ruin your logic board. Mind these details, and the 8550 might be the last garage door opener that you will ever need to buy.


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