Liftmaster 8355 review

Liftmaster 8355 review

The Liftmaster 8355 is one of our best sellers. The 8355 is the replacement for the Liftmaster 3280 Formula One. The 8355 has all of the same features as the 3280, but Liftmaster has added a lot of new functionality. I will cover the Pros and Cons of buying the Liftmaster 8355 below.

Key Features

The Liftmaster 8355 Premium Series has been a favorite of mine since it’s release. The built in MyQ and Wifi make this opener compatible with Liftmaster’s app that allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere. Like all professional models, the 8355 comes with a 1 piece rail system. This makes for easy installation, and the overall system is more durable. The 8355 comes with a super quiet belt drive system. The only downside to the motor is that it is AC powered. This makes the motor a bit louder than the Liftmaster 8550w and it uses slightly more energy to operate.

Liftmaster 8355 Price

The 8355 is a great value. It is priced at around $250 for a 7’ tall door. This is comparable to retail model garage door openers sold at Lowes, Home Depot and Sears. However, the 8355 is a far better unit solely based on the rail system. Retail units are not built to be great openers. They are built to fit in a small box that takes up very little shelf space. The rails are flimsy and they are a nightmare to install because they rail is broken down in to 4 parts on a 7′ tall door and 5 parts on an 8′ tall door.

8355 Remotes and Accessories

The 8355 comes with one 893LM remote. It has 3 buttons, and will open and close 3 doors if you have multiple units. Liftmaster openers are typically compatible with the built in remotes in your car’s Homelink system. A typical installation will include setting up your homelink system, so that you do not have to carry around a garage door remote.

Liftmaster also includes an 882LM wall panel with this unit. The 882LM control station features a light switch that controls the (2) 100w lights on the unit head. If you are looking for a unit with the 890LM Smart Control Panel System that allows programing and diagnostics from the wall station you will need to step up to the 8550w. The Liftmaster 8355 review

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The 8355 comes with Liftmaster’s new maintenance alert system. This lets you know when the unit needs maintenance. This, along with keeping your door in proper adjustment will greatly extend the life of your new opener. If you would like to learn more about the 8355 parts break down and troubleshooting guide you can download the manual here.

The 8355 Warranty

Liftmaster is a great company that stands behind the products that they sell. That’s why all of their Elite and Premium Series garage door openers have lifetime warranties on their motors. The warranty on a garage door motor can be confusing at times because many people mistake this for being a lifetime warranty on all parts of the unit. This is incorrect. A lifetime motor warranty refers to the motor that lifts and lowers the garage door and not all of the included parts and accessories. On the 8355, the parts and accessories have a 1 year warranty. This is the one negative that I see in this unit because you can step up to the 8550w for only about $30, and you get a 5 year warranty on your parts.

My Rating

I would rate the 8355 at 4 stars. The 8355 is a great unit that will provide a homeowner with years of reliable service. It features the MyQ system and app that is the most innovative feature in the garage door industry. The only downside to the 8355 is the parts warranty. Garage door openers are susceptible to break downs due to lightening strikes and power surges. A new logic board for a Liftmaster opener is about $75-$100 plus labor. For this reason alone, I would spend the extra coin and buy the Liftmaster 8550w to get the battery back up and 5 year parts warranty.


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