Garage Door Installation

Our professional installation services are available on our sectional and rolling garage doors and openers in select areas.

Our Installation Procedures

  • Permits:

    It is the responsibility of the buyer to purchase a garage door that is suitable for their local building code. Check with your local building and zoning department to insure that you purchase a door that will pass local requirements and to be sure that a building permit is not needed.

  • Setting up a Site Check:

    After submitting an order to Shop Garage Doors, you will be contacted by our offices to schedule a site inspection. During this visit, we will measure and confirm all specifics for your new garage door installation.

  • What information must we confirm?

    • The exact opening measurement.
    • Headroom, Side room and Back Room Measurements
    • He will confirm that the site is ready for a new door installation.
    • Your door order can be cancelled within 2 days after site inspection. 3% of any payments made plus a $50 site check fee will not be refunded.
  • After the Site Check:

    • TThe company representative will alert Shop Garage Doors of all measurements and specifics. He will let Shop Garage Doors of any changes and corrections that may need to be made to the order. He will also note site work that will need to be performed as part of the contract, or work that the Buyer must perform before the installation can be scheduled.
    • If the doors are not in stock at the local DC, they will be ordered at that time.
    • Doors can not be refunded after the order is placed. A substantial restocking fee will apply.
    • Door installation will typically occur in 2-6 weeks. Depending of order times and stock levels.
    • Once the door is available at the local distribution center, Shop Garage Door will contact you to coordinate an installation
  • Preparing for Your Installation:

    For a garage door installation to occur, you must a relatively clear garage. There can not be items to at least 10 feet back from the entry way. This is a must to insure a safe work space and prevent property damage.

  • Removal of Existing Doors:

    Shop Garage Doors will take down and haul off steel sectional garage doors in your included price. Take-down and disposal of old steel sectional doors is included. Additional charges will apply for the take-down and removal of wood garage doors or single piece garage doors. This fee will be up to $100.

  • Installation:

    • At the time of installation, an adult of 18 years or older must be present during installation. This person must be authorized to sign paperwork relating to the installation.
    • Headroom, Side room and Back Room Measurements
    • Your current installed garage door opener will be connected to the new door, only if the opener includes proper safety accessories.
    • Lastly, your technician will review warranty care and operation of your new garage door.
  • Commercial Type Installations:

    All standard installation prices quoted online or over the phone are estimates only and it is possible quotes may change during site inspection. Commercial type applications are not included in the standard installation costs. Non-standard installation examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Welding requirements for installation
    • High ceilings (more than 2 feet above the opening)
    • Speciality springs for large or heavy doors.
    • Lastly, your technician will review warranty care and operation of your new garage door.

    Custom tracks can be made available upon special request and are not part of standard installation. Special installation quotes may require an onsite inspection for an accurate quote.

  • Questions?

    You may contact Garage Doors and More of the Piedmont for more information on installation, products and services.

    Phone:1-800-814-8530 or via email at