Help & Support

Below, we have compiled a list of links, PDFs, and videos to help you through your garage door buying and installation process. If you can not find answers to your specific questions, please reach out to us at 1-800-814-8530 or email us at

Installation Manuals

No need to scour the internet for helpful information on how to install or adjust a garage door. Shop Garage Door has taken the information that our manufacturers provide for our staff and we’ve made that information public for our customers. It is our recommendation that a trained professional install your new garage door, but if you wish to give it a try check out our extensive list of helpful installation guides.  

Measuring for a New Garage Door

There are few generalities when it comes to garage doors. There are so many variables and specifics that it is quite easy to order the wrong door panels, track, openers, etc. That’s why, we have created our door builder. It ask all of the right questions to assure that you get the right garage door system. Now, we just need to get the right measurements and gather the right intel to feed into our intuitive system.  Here, we show you the right way to measure your garage door for a new installation.

Professional Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Spring systems are under a great deal of tension. We always recommend that a garage door system be installed by a trained professional. There are many moving parts to your garage door, and the expertise of a trained professional will help to protect your investment.  Find out more about our professional garage door installation.

Painting Garage Doors

Are you searching for a new garage door, but can’t find the exact color to match your home? Luckily, painting a steel garage door is quite simple. However, there are steps and best practices that must be followed for a great finished product.  Learn more about how to paint steel garage doors the right way.