Haas Garage Doors

Haas Garage Doors

Haas garage doors are a fantastic American made product. They are produced by a family owned business in Wauseon, Ohio. I have sold Haas garage doors from my offline garage door company since 2012. We specialize in high r-value insulated Haas garage doors because that is what they do best. They produce a great that is a super price, and they come with a lot of options. Many of Hass’ product line is a bit redundant, so I will not even attempt to cover every residential door that they sell. I will only cover the most popular products that we have sold. Some of those products we sell right here on our website.

The Model 2500

Haas Garage Doors

The Haas Model 2500 is a 25g non-insulated single layer steel garage door. My company has sold several thousand Model 2500 doors, and we have had very few complaints. The customers that have had issues typically gave poor reviews because they purchased a non-insulated garage door. The Haas 2500 series is available in 4 different panel designs including traditional and carriage panels. The 2500 is available in 5 different color options. These Haas garage doors work best of detached garages and for those that need a garage door on a strict budget.

The downside: We have had poor reviews on the 2500 series in the past, and the complaints were due to the door being noisy and the garage being super hot in the summer. These issues are not Haas Door issues. These are issues that most homeowners have with non-insulated doors.

Haas Model 2500L

Haas Garage Door

The 2500L series is a double layer steel garage door. It is the same panel that is included in the 2500 series, but instead of having a hollow panel the 2500L comes with a polystyrene insulation insert that has a vinyl backing. This insulation gives the garage door an r-value of 7.4, and does a great job of dampening the noise from the operation of the garage door.

The downside: The 2500L series is not available in a wide variety of colors, but iIf you are looking for a door in white, almond, sandstone, sierra tan or brown you are in luck. The 2500L series is a great buy.

The Haas Model 600

Haas garage doors lifetime paint warranty

Haas garage doors lifetime paint warranty

The Haas Model 600 is a great garage door. It is available in a wide variety of colors and style options. Our clients seem to have a particular appreciation for the Haas woodgrain finishes. It is also available in 9 panel designs. Some of these designs are not offered by any other door manufacturer. What truly sets the 600 apart from most other doors is it’s r-value of 13.45 and it’s price point. The Model 600 may be the most fairly priced polyurethane insulated 3 layer garage door on the market today.

The downside: The one complaint that I often get from clients is that they do not like the bottom rubber on the door. There is a black bottom retainer on Haas Doors and you can see this from the outside of the garage. Most manufacturers have bottom retainer that is nearly invisible from outside the garage.

Haas American Traditions

Safety First Keep Door Secure

The Haas American Traditions is also referred to as the Model 900. The Model 900 is truly exceptional. The 900 has more style and color options than any 4 layer composite garage door that I have seen. This door gives the homeowner the look and feel of true wood carriage doors, yet it has a maintenance free finish and cost a fraction of what a wood garage door cost. The Model 900 is constructed by placing a wood composite face onto an 1-⅜” thick steel polyurethane insulated garage door panel. This door carries an r-value on 13.45 and comes if panel and window options that will add curb appeal to any home.

The downside: The Model 900 doors are all custom built, so they are not in stock with any dealer. The typical lead time for installation is about 3-4 weeks.



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