A Guide to Buying a New Garage Door

It’s not every day that you find yourself in need of a new garage door.

So choosing one is a pretty big deal.

Beyond the necessary function, your garage door is an integral part of your home’s curb appeal.

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Despite its importance, many people don’t know where to begin!

What to consider

Getting some guidance before you make a major purchase is a wise idea.

Here’s a list of what you should think about:


Whether buying a garage door for a new home or replacing one, the cost will depend on the options you choose. You can buy a garage door made of steel, wood or wood composite. Though other features will affect your total cost, here’s a general range for each type, as well as some of the benefits of each one and some general maintenance tips:

    • Steel: $750-$3000. You’ll find you have the most options with steel. There are a variety of colors as well as levels of insulation. The number of options is why the price varies so widely. Steel doors should be checked regularly for rust spots. If any are found, they should be sanded and painted. It’s a good rule of thumb to wash down your garage door with a mild all-purpose cleanser at the same time that you wash your cars. 
    • Wood: $1200-$4000+. Wooden garage doors are usually made of cypress, redwood, or cedar, woods known for their moisture-resistant qualities. Wood doors can be customized, and they add a luxurious tone to a home. The downside is that they do require more maintenance to retain their look over time. They should be inspected regularly for any warping or water damage, as well as peeling paint.
    • Wood composite: $1200-$2200. This door is a durable, low-maintenance option, and has the look of real wood. It won’t crack or split the way actual wood can because it’s moisture-resistant. Wiping it down with a soapy, lint-free cloth periodically is all you’ll need to do. You can achieve the look you want by painting or staining it, and the material is insulated.

Keep in mind that a garage door opener doesn’t come with the door but can be added for an additional cost.

Another cost consideration is the installation. Though it is usually included in the cost of the door, do your research and be sure to factor it into your budget!

  • Insulation. It used to be assumed that you only needed an insulated garage door if you lived in a colder climate. That’s no longer the case. If your garage is attached to your home, it’s a good idea to buy a garage door that’s insulated, because it will affect your energy costs. An insulated door will also cut down on noise. Another added benefit is that it makes the door stronger. Insulation is a must if you have a room above the garage.
  • Safety. When choosing a garage door, think about the weather. Living in an area that’s prone to hurricanes or high winds, you’ll need a door that has a passive reinforcement system. The threat of high winds requires extra bracing and tracking that is a heavier gauge. This extra protection is built right into the door and can be engaged by locking the door.

Choosing a garage door isn’t something you’ll likely do often and it shouldn’t be done hastily.

Take the time to do enough research to be confident in your decision. Analyze how much you can spend and which door type, color, and style will best suit your home.
What type of garage door appeals to you?

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