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What happens after I place an order?
Once you place an order on our site you will be contacted by our office. We will confirm the delivery or installation location. If we are delivering doors, we will contact our factory to confirm availability dates. We will then set up a date to deliver the doors to your home or business. If we are installing doors, we will first set up a site check before any doors are ordered. Once sizes and options are confirmed, we will order your doors. For more information on our installation procedures please visit our expert installation page.

Do you provide financing for our garage doors?
Yes, we offer 2 types of loans. Same as cash financing and simple interest loans. Our financing is offered through Enerbank. You can see our financing page here.

Do you provide payment terms for businesses?
Yes, we can offer any qualifying business terms of up to Net 60. Call our offices Monday to Friday, from 8am — 5pm (EST) to set up an account.

Do you offer coupons, and how can they be used?
Coupons are available and you may use 1 applicable coupon per purchase.

What does a new door include?
Our doors include new door sections, track, springs and basic hardware. Door kits do not include perforated angle, locks or jamb seals. Basic door kits do not include electric openers.

What do opener kits include?
Openers include a motor head, rail, wall station, safety sensors and 1 remote. Some commercial units do not include remotes. Remotes and accessories are sold separately.

What is the warranty for door and opener installations?
You can see our door and opener product warranties on our warranty page. For professional Installation we will return to your home to make free adjustments for 90 days after an installation.

Do you deliver garage doors?
Yes, we deliver garage doors for within a 30 miles radius of 72 door centers. See our delivery policy and service area on our deliveries page.

Do I need a permit to install my garage door?
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a permit when one is applicable. In many areas, a permit is not required on smaller projects like garage door replacement.

Do you offer any other garage doors outside of those included in your online garage door builder?
Need a garage door that’s not included in our door builder? Give us a call at 1-800-814-8530 or email us at We can let you know what is available in the brands and models that we sell. Our experts can also help guide you through the selection process.

Our call center is open from:

  • Monday to Friday: 7:30am — 7:30pm (EST)
  • Weekends: 8am — 5pm (EST)

In many cases, we can obtain a quote for you and submit the quote for your approval on specials orders in less than 30 minutes.

What is your installation policy?
You can see our installation policy on our installation policy page.

How do you handle claims and cancellations?
You can see our Claims & Cancellation Policy here.

Does your website have a terms of use?
See Our Terms of Use Policy.

Can I paint my garage door?
Yes, we have put together a guide to paint your garage door.

Do you sell Windrated Garage Doors?
Yes, we sell garage door of various windratings. It is the responsibility of the client to purchase a door with the correct windrating. You can use this page to show you how to find the right door.

Do you have a purchase agreement?
See our Purchase Agreement here

What is included in my warranty?
Not all incidents are covered under your garage door or motor warranty. Examples include: Lowering your garage door on an object, pulling your garage door opener’s emergency cord, photo safety beams out of line, the vacation lock on your wall station being activated, wires pulled away from openers, electrical issues like circuit breakers. If for any reason a cable comes off your garage door call us immediately. Continuing to press your openers wall station after a door is not functional is operator error and not a warranty issue.

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