Commercial Garage Doors

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Measure your door

Get down to the penny prices on your new garage door system. Check out our guide below on how to properly measure your garage door. Then, add the width and height of your opening to the drop down to start shopping. If you're unsure on how to measure your door, call us now. We are here to assist.
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Build Your Door

Learn how to measure your door

In order for our team to properly price your garage door, use the below drop-downs to begin measuring your door. If you're unsure on how to measure your door, learn how to measure now!

Step 1: Opening Width

Measure the width of the opening at the widest point. This is the distance between the right and left sides of the finished opening. For best results, the inside of the garage door opening should be framed with 2" x 6" wood. Look for general irregularities, such as jambs which are not square.

Step 2: Opening Height

Measure the height of the opening at the highest point. This is the distance between the floor and the top of the finished opening. Look for general irregularities, such as un-level floor.

Step 3: Sideroom

Measure the width of the areas beside the openings. Up to 5" is required on each side for installation of the vertical track. If this is a 2-door installation, center post should be a min. of 10" wide.

Step 4: Headroom

Measure the area between the top of the door opening and the ceiling (or to the lowest obstruction at ceiling). See headroom requirements on the "Choose Your Track And Spring Options" page when getting a sectional door quoted on-line. See the manufacturer’s brochure for required clearances on coiling roll-up doors.

Step 5: Backroom

Measure the distance from the opening to the rear of the garage or nearest obstruction. For sectional type doors, the backroom requirement is the door height plus an additional 18" for manual lift doors. If an electric opener is to be installed, the door’s backroom requirement is the door height plus an additional 4’ 2".

Additional items to observe and note below:

  • Verify electrical outlet for door opener use.
  • Note any lights or stairs in the way.
  • Verify all wood jambs are in good condition, header is stable
  • Verify the level of the floor. Was the previous door a custom fit?
  • Note any pipes, ductwork, etc. above the door that might obstruct operation of the door

How to Determine Your Wind Rating Requirement

The requirements are rated in miles per hour (MPH)

Use this site to determine the wind speed requirement in your area or call your local code enforcement office.

2ND Step:
After you have chosen your door size, choose your counties’ wind speed from the drop down menu. This will give you the appropriate price for the correct garage door with the correct number of wind supports for your application.