Amarr Garage Door Reviews

Amarr Garage Door Product Review

I have been in the garage door business since 2001. In that time, my garage door companies have sold almost every brand of garage door on the market. Finally, we have settled on 2 brands of garage doors. Those brands are Haas Doors and Amarr Garage Doors Charlotte. We typically only sell one model of Haas Doors. That is the American Traditions Model. It is a great 4 layer garage door with a lot of superb options. Below, I will outline the Amarr Doors that we have sold over the years. I will give a brief review of each model, the best uses for each model and what I think can be improved, if anything. I would also like to point out that the doors that we sell are all made in the USA. Amarr Doors are made in North Carolina and Haas Doors are made in Ohio.

Pinch Resistant Doors

One thing that I really like about Amarr doors is their pinch resistant design. What this means is if a person’s fingers are near an Amarr garage door while it closes, the seams in the door won’t pinch your finger off. This may seem like an oddity, but it has certainly happened in the past. I have personally pinched my finger while manually opening a Clopay door that did not feature this design. Haas doors are also not pinch resistant.

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Garage Door Construction

The Model 1000

Most Amarr Collections come in three different levels. The model 1000, 2000 and 3000. The model 1000 is a non-insulated single layer garage door. I do not recommend the model 1000 on a home that gets a lot of direct sunlight. Most garage doors are made of steel and this sunlight turns a garage door into a heating element. We have also had feedback from customers that the model 1000 is noisey. The model 1000 is durable and you will get years of reliable service, but if you want a cool garage in the summer time and a door that doesn’t make a lot of racket, don’t buy a model 1000.

single layer

The Model 2000

Amarr’s entry level insulated garage door is the model 2000. The model 2000 is a 2 layer construction garage door. The model 2000 is the same as the model 1000, but instead of having a hollow panel it has a polystyrene insert that is coated with a vinyl backing. This insulation does a very good job of dampening noise from the operation of the door and noise from outside the home. The model 2000 also does a great job of keeping the garage cooler in the summer. If you already have a non-insulated door you can always insulate the door using a kit sold by Owens Corning These kits are very reasonably priced and they are sold online and in many home stores. The model 2000 will work great on most applications. However, the backing on the insulation of a model 2000 can be damaged fairly easily. I often see vinyl backed garage doors that have been torn up by pets.

Double Layer

The Model 3000

The Model 3000 is a 3 layer construction garage door. It features a steel face and backing on the garage door with insulation in between. The model 3000 is the door that I would recommend on a home that requires and insulated garage door that also has children or pets in the home.

3 layer

Amarr Stratford

The Amarr Stratford Collection is Amarr’s signature door that features traditional designs. The Stratford Collection is affordable and has design options to suit most homes. It comes in long and short raised panel designs as well as flush panel. You can see the all of the design options and pricing for the Stratford Collection here. The Stratford is available in the model 1000, 2000 and 3000.

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Amarr Oak Summit

The Oak Summit Collection is one of the most stylish and affordable carriage garage doors on the market. It comes in a 11 different colors and 4 distinct panel designs. Our biggest sellers are the short and long beadboard panels. You can click here to use our configurator to see the Oak Summit in every color, window and panel option that Amarr offers. The Oak Summit is available in the model 1000, 2000 and 3000.

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Amarr Classica

The Amarr Classica is hands down the very best steel carriage garage door on the market. In my opinion, there is nothing that comes close to the Classica. Amarr has perfected the process of building the Classica which is one of the only 3 section steel carriage doors on the market. The 3 section design helps to make the Classica look like a custom wood garage door, but it requires none of the regular maintenance and staining. It’s also a fraction of the cost of a wood door. The Stratford is available in the model 1000, 2000 and 3000. You can build a Classica garage door here. We have images available in every configuration. We can even show you pricing for all of the different options.

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Amarr Olympus

For homeowners that would like a garage door with high insulation quality Amarr offers the Olympus Collection. Unlike other Amarr models, the Olympus is only available in a 3 layer configuration. Instead of polystyrene that is featured in other Amarr products the Olympus has sprayed in polyurethane insulation that has an R-Value of up to 19.4. This may be overkill in some homes, but if you take a look at the cost there is not a large price difference between a Stratford 3000 and an Olympus. This is a great all around garage door with a super warranty. It is available in 2 traditional designs, long and short raised panel. You can build and price an Olympus right here on our site.

Triple Layer

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Amarr Designer’s Choice

The Designer’s Choice is the exact same door as the Olympus, yet it is available in carriage panel designs. The Designer’s Choice is pretty much the same as the Oak Summit Collection in style, but it comes in a higher insulation and R-Value.

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